What will Measure T do?

  • Continue to enjoy access to trails, improved air quality and open spaces
  • Manage land to reduce wildfires and floods
  • Prevent pollution and improve water quality by protecting lands around creeks, streams, and rivers
  • Protect natural areas and preserve wildlife habitats
  • Preserve local family farms and healthy food sources

What accountability provisions are included in the measure?

Measure T requires strict fiscal accountability, including:

  • Independent citizen oversight will ensure all funds are spent as promised
  • Annual financial audits will be required
  • Every penny will stay in Santa Clara County
  • No funds can be taken away by the State

How much will Measure T cost?

Measure T would simply renew the existing $24 annual parcel tax with no increase, generating approximately $8,000,000 annually in locally-controlled funding to protect and preserve open space in Santa Clara County. All funds will stay local and no funds can be taken away by the State.

When will Measure T appear on the ballot?

The measure will appear on the November 3, 2020 ballot.

What support level is required for passage?

In order to pass, the measure must be supported by 66.7% of those who cast a vote on the measure.

How can I find out more about how to vote in the November election?

You can find out more on how to vote by visiting https://www.sccgov.org/sites/rov/Pages/Registrar-of-Voters.aspx