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Vote YES on T to protect our natural open spaces in Silicon Valley.


Now, more than ever, we need to make sure that our local open spaces stay protected and accessible.


Open space is an important resource for everyone in our community, no matter their background or income level. It has been so important to have access to open space for walking, hiking, biking and enjoying nature during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders.


Your YES vote makes sure we can continue to enjoy access to trails, improved air quality, and the beautiful views that open spaces provide — ensuring that our children and grandchildren can go outside and enjoy the natural beauty and open space we have today.


Measure T does not increase taxes.


Measure T will ensure we continue to protect our last remaining open spaces and hills against development and make sure they remain open to the public and don’t become office buildings and parking lots.


Vote YES: Help Protect Natural Open Spaces

  • Continue to enjoy access to trails, improved air quality and open spaces

  • Manage land to reduce wildfires and floods

  • Prevent pollution and improve water quality by protecting lands around creeks, streams, and rivers

  • Protect natural areas and preserve wildlife habitats

  • Preserve local family farms and healthy food sources


Not one dollar from Measure T can be taken away by the state, all funds must be spent locally to preserve open spaces in Campbell, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, San Jose, Santa Clara and unincorporated Santa Clara County. An oversight committee and annual audits will ensure all funds from Measure T are spent as promised.


Please join environmental, business, labor, agricultural, health, education and other community leaders in voting YES on Measure T!

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